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What defines an organic design? Inspiration that is drawn from nature, or that it is crafted primarily from natural materials harmonizing with man-made elements. Perhaps the soft curves, smoothed edges, rounded bases, and concave frames that are counterpoint to the hard angular forms that define most furniture? Possibly a more feminine perspective that is livable, comfortable, and accommodating. Serene design that serves as a refuge from the harsh realities of the modern world.


Capturing the organic beauty of natural elements, the Form Buffet adds instant character. Its soothing shape is framed in wire brushed oak while four textured metal doors in Organic Bronze create a tableau inspired by patterns of stone and shell. 

Relaxed and refined, the soft and inviting curves of the Form Collection create a modern balance that is casual yet sophisticated. The epitome of organic living, Form features wirebrushed oak solids and veneers, honed marble, woven Lampakanay, metal accents and hardware options. Every piece is beautifully crafted with an emphasis on gentle edges and flowing curves.


This effortlessly chic interior design style, modern organic, chooses quality over quantity. What defines a living room or kitchen as a modern organic room? It’s not the furniture nor the decorative elements. Instead, the modern organic style praises airiness. Therefore, modern organic interiors have crisp lines, neutral colors, natural textures, hidden storage, and curated and distributed homeware against a backdrop of simplicity.


What is cleaner and more sophisticated than a neutral color scheme? It is very unlikely to find a color palette more respectful of nature and its shapes and textures than a composition of light and bright hues. To create an outstanding modern organic room, look at the space as if it was a blank canvas. White-painted walls might help you to unleash your creativity. 

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