Newtechwood Innovates: Discover their Cedar and Shou Sugi Ban Wood Composite

Over the past year, there has been a lot of talk about fluted wood composite panels. Mixte Magazine discussed the outdoor use of NewTechWood products as a contemporary wall siding option, to create remarkable architectural accents and, of course, as the ultimate alternative to natural wood.

If you are not already familiar with NewTechWood Canada, a Canadian distributor of premium wood composite products, you should know that the material used in all their products includes 60% upgraded real wood fibre and the UltraShield protection against wear, discolouration, mould, and insects. The subsidiary is Canadian-owned and operated and flies the Canadian flag, so it is a truly national company. In fact, you may have the chance to meet Michael, Daniel and their team at design shows across the country, as they are almost always in attendance. 

Every year, NewTechWood Canada meets with design experts and owners of homes, residential buildings and commercial buildings to better understand their needs and respond to their requests. As a result, the Canadian distributor regularly releases new products, new colours and new features on their website.

This year, we would like to draw your attention to two new products: the Cedar colour, for which there has been a strong demand in recent months, and the Shou Sugi Ban colour Ebony. Both colours will be introduced to the Canadian market this spring.

cedar effect wood composite fluted panel newtechwood canada

Cedar Fluted Panels

The new Cedar shade is a light blonde multichromatic colour with pink wood grain that shows a slight purplish tinge. It is only available in the thin-strip fluted wood composite cladding, i.e. Norwegian UH61. Fluted panels were a flagship product for NewTechWood Canada in 2022.

Shou Sugi Ban in Ebony

The new Shou Sugi Ban or “burnt cedar” product replicates a Japanese technique popular in architecture and landscaping. It is a unique look that, like fluted composite wood, is winning the hearts of design experts and enthusiasts. Contrary to what we might think, burning wood solidifies it and increases its natural resistance to wear, mould, and insects. Of course, NewTechWood does not burn its products —  however, these high strength qualities are inherent in their wood composites.

cedar effect burns newtechwood canada

Why Cedar?

Cedar is an ancient wood that is highly valued for its strength, look and smell. However, it has the great disadvantage of turning green under the sun’s UV rays. NewTechWood composite wood is UV-resistant. It therefore fills the gap left by cedar while providing the same great quality: excellent resistance to humidity and the vagaries of the Canadian climate, without the use of chemical products.

The oil in cedar wood gives the material a distinctive smell, which some people seek out. If you are not particularly attracted to the strong scent of cedar, this could be a problem. Indoors, you will need to ensure that the room is very well ventilated and possibly seal the wood with chemicals (damage). Outside, the smell should not bother you. However, composite wood is still the best solution in terms of fade resistance.

A Quick Reminder

NewTechWood products have been tested and are safe for indoor use. You can use them in humid environments such as a bathroom, an outdoor shower, or the salty coast of Western Canada. You can use the fluted panels to create architectural cut-outs or accent walls. You can even install composite wood around a fireplace. Simply follow the clearance requirements in your fireplace’s installation manual.

Canadian Pioneers in Fluted Wood Composite Panels

Fluted composite wood was introduced to the Canadian market by NewTechWood Canada in 2021, following meetings with many of the country’s top design experts. Since then, the options have diversified to meet the high demand. NewTechWood products remain the original composite panels, a true pioneer and leader in technology and colour options.

Once again this year, the team will be gathering feedback from the industry and comments from design professionals on their new products: the Cedar and Shou Sugi Ban colour options.

Visit their website to find out about all the NewTechWood Ultrashield products .

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