Avenue Design – The perfect partner for your fall projects

As the warmer months of summer come to a close, we begin to pack up our patios and welcome the cooler fall season as the leaves change to brilliant colours. The whimsical melodies of crickets and seasonal birds begin to slowly fade, and the beaming sun rays and verdant plantlife are replaced with toasty shades of red, orange and yellow. To some this is a bittersweet transition, but at Avenue Design, seasons are their inspiration.

With more time to spend enjoying the cozy indoors, fall is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your interior living spaces with contemporary, timeless, and functional pieces that will make your fireside cocoa feel even sweeter than before. The right furniture is more than just practicality-it creates a space and ambience that captures your unique sentiments, lifestyle, and preferences. Walking into your home should put the mind at ease and feel natural to the soul.


A space with harmony combines style, colour, texture, and shape to bring each room full-circle. As we come into fall, home offices, living rooms, and bedrooms can become your new oasis, with furniture that embodies the cozy, contemplative nature of the season, and speaks your style language.

Like the L-shaped sectionals, which are the perfect way to bring your family together from the patio to the fireplace, with stylish, ergonomic designs to keep everyone comfortable through weekend movie nights, available in a wide variety of sizes, finishes, and modern colours.

Create a dining room perfect for entertaining with high-quality dining tables, displays, and chairs that compliment any style preference-whether you prefer bold, industrial pieces or natural stains with intricate details, we know that art and inspiration knows no bounds. The Calvin Cross dining table is a perfect example of a piece that is both striking and functional, made with taupe stained oak and stainless steel structural detailing.


Fall is also the perfect time to switch from lighter, summer linens, to cozy warm blankets and fabrics as the colder weather slowly makes its debut. There is nothing quite like holding a warm cup of coffee under a fresh duvet with a good book as you gaze through the window, admiring the foliage.

As you walk into your bedroom space, one should be greeted with feelings of relaxation and familiarity upon entering the room. Our nightstands, dressers, bed frames combine style and function to create the perfect ambience that inspires rest and slows the mind as you settle in.


Materials and textures come together to orchestrate your personal getaway and keep you at peace with the seasons.

The team at Avenue Design will assist you with your projects whether it involves home decor, or full-scale commercial design. Their commitment to quality and value remains steadfast, no matter the season.


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