Galerie Beauchamp

Audi’s largest North American terminal

But what really leaves an impression is … Large dealers compete to outdo one another when it comes to showcasing their products by optimizing the buyer experience and servicing customers. These two elements reach new levels at the new Audi Lauzon terminal in Laval. But make no mistake, it’s service that counts, as witnessed by … Continue reading Audi’s largest North American terminal

José Gaudet

All of Québec knows José Gaudet. He and his partner from the comedy duo Les Grandes Gueules have set records unsurpassed in the field of radio and collected innumerable awards, including more than half dozen Oliviers for humour. What is less known of José is his longtime passion for driving. At age six, he was building a cardboard car with cellophane … Continue reading José Gaudet

The sun is shining on the cabriolet

The cabriolet, victim of strong anti-automobile sentiment during the 70s, almost ceased to exist. I remember only too well that at that time practically the only convertible available was the Cadillac Eldorado. Luckily, convertibles survived and there have never been as many on the market as there are now. There are two types of convertibles … Continue reading The sun is shining on the cabriolet
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