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Bucket list

“Int hree seconds, I felt like I was leaving the planet, Everything turned white. No more reference points: no trees…” Cars are Richard Petit’s first love. But when he was offered a ride in a subsonic jet, he just had to say yes. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It was a glorious day in June, … Continue reading Bucket list


Luxury yachts. The very words evoke glorious dreams of carefree cruising in unparalleled comfort. Italians are master shipbuilders, and Riva is a prime example. Italy is a peninsula, its shores lapped by the Mediterranean and the Adriatic. It is the country where city-states like Venice and Genoa rose to power and prominence because of their … Continue reading Dreamboat

Guy Gervais & Louis Grenier, true car enthusiasts

Guy Gervais is President and Chairman of the Céragrès Tile Group, a ceramic and stone import and distribution company with a unique brand. Louis Grenier, great adventurer, confirmed Citroën fanatic, and wellknown businessman, founded Kanuk, which fabricates winter clothing for the Canadian climate. Introducing two vintage car enthusiasts for whom the ultimate demonstration of their … Continue reading Guy Gervais & Louis Grenier, true car enthusiasts

Richard Grenon, at the top of his profession

Richard Grenon. The name at first glance perhaps suggests little to you, but if you’re part of the growing number of people passionate about classic cars, you would consider yourself fortunate to have his phone number. Because Richard is one of those rare individuals able to return an automobile, ravaged by time and fortune to … Continue reading Richard Grenon, at the top of his profession
Design Louis-George


Hedonistic millionaire Jay Gatsby from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the same name would have been right at home there. Private jets, luxury yachts, five-star hotels and cars among the most celebrated in the world. These are the trappings of the jet-set crowd in attendance at the automotive event of the year, the Cavallino Classic, … Continue reading CAVALLINO CLASSIC 2014

Ferrari 275 GTB/4S N.A.R.T SPYDER, money isn’t everthing

Money, money! That’s all we talk about following an auction. Of course, it’s the Pharaonic sums of money paid out for the rarest vintage cars which catch the attention of the media. If lovers of beautiful vintage cars are willing to pay a small fortune for a particular model, it’s often to acquire a piece … Continue reading Ferrari 275 GTB/4S N.A.R.T SPYDER, money isn’t everthing

The Tesla S P85 electric: Pure happiness

It has no muffler, doesn’t pollute, never stops for gas, travels in silence, can accommodate seven people, contains two trunks, requires minimal maintenance, holds the road better than the sharpest sport cars, and as if all that weren’t enough, is beautiful to behold. What could be better? These flattering epithets describe the phenomenal California Tesla … Continue reading The Tesla S P85 electric: Pure happiness
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