Krug Champagne inspires the world of gastronomy with a zestful lemon theme.
Tucked away in a Pointe-Saint-Charles studio in Montréal, French-born designer Elisa C-Rossow has been quietly working away, amassing a cult following for her thoughtful, stylish, and expertly crafted womenswear designs for the past 15 years. Rossow, who went to fashion school in Paris, quickly discovered—ironically—that she disliked the fashion industry. It wasn’t that she didn’t have a passion for creating clothing, but she hated trends and the industry’s overconsumption and overproduction in general.
Fort Assurances
Maison 4110
A graduate of the Université de Montréal Faculty of Medicine, where she is now a clinical supervisor in endocrinology, Dr. Gabrielle Landry, who also trained in vulvovaginal dermatology in Paris, has opened a centre of expertise in hormone therapy.
Elegance and design come together to create alluring home offices, without sacrificing ergonomics or practicality.
Standing on the edge of a forest, this unpretentious vacation home fits right into its surroundings thanks to inspired architecture and well-chosen materials.
Having received an impromptu invitation, I made my way to Calabria, a region I had never visited. My nearest and dearest know how much I love Italy, so it was an offer I couldn’t resist!
Design Louis George
Designer Scott Yetman seamlessly blends old and new.
The Fogo Island Inn has given Chef Timothy Charles a place to settle down and express his culinary talents through the seasons that mark the passage of time.
Edra’s ability to innovate, invent, and stay on the cutting edge has enabled it to produce meaningful furniture and accessories consistently. Engaged in an authentic pursuit of excellence and beauty, the Italian firm astonishes, comforts, fascinates, and charms.
Two Montréal physicians, Dr. Joanne Alfieri and Dr. Tarek Hijal hope to raise awareness—and essential funding—to make a real difference for thousands of Canadian women diagnosed with breast or gynecological-related cancer. Their Program for Women’s Cancer Research’s third annual fundraiser, La Roche-Posay’s Ride at La Grande Roue for a good cause, is taking place September 19 and is sure to be an event to remember.
An experienced player in the hospitality industry, Sean O’Donnell is a master in the art of receiving guests. However, this easygoing executive prefers treasured conversations with close, long-time friends to the hubbub of large-scale events.