Steven Somogyi creates models conceptualizing large-scale projects, and his work demonstrates that the virtual revolution is far from replacing the physical element.
Designer Scott Yetman daringly uses white to give a sense of space, highlight details, and illuminate an outmoded home.
While some of these are classic Montréal fine dining picks, others are new establishments that have made their mark. All four are worth a visit for those wishing to indulge their palate!
Banksy is the most private of street artists and yet notorious among the provocateurs… an enigma who merges social and political themes as he simultaneously maintains complete anonymity. On November 29th, two Montréal companies—Ballon Rouge and S16 gallery—will put Dream Boat, one of Banksy’s works of art, up for sale in Miami. close-up on the Banksy image.
Built to optimize the view of Mount Pinacle, this contemporary house erected on high ground in Sutton in the touristic region of the Eastern Townships surprises with its unusual design.
Thomas Keller is one of the most starred chefs on the planet, a model who strives to nourish the body and warm the heart. Conversation on the pleasures of the table.
The epic journey of a De Beers diamond is worth telling because all diamonds are not created equal...
For Marie-Berthe Des Groseillers, president and CEO of BMTC Group, a passion for riding enhances and complements her work, elevating and empowering her.
The legendary French ski resort is well known to skiers. And serious ones at that.
Un fauteuil pour deux