Guided by the idea of creating a house that was both a refuge and a window onto the surrounding nature, the architect of this weekend home designed a project that strikes a balance between the traditional and the avant-garde.
If the car of your dreams is high on your bucket list and it’s time to treat yourself, the auctions of today are an excellent tool for finding what you want, be it a vintage classic or your father’s old model that brings back happy memories.
Galerie 203
CV Concept
As the oldest crystal glassworks in France, Saint-Louis, owned by the Hermès group, has long dazzled connoisseurs of the art of glassmaking with its timeless expertise.
Jura: for many people, the name brings to mind a department in France or a mountain range along the French-Swiss border. However, for whisky aficionados, it evokes the image of a mysterious, untamed island off the coast of Scotland, the source of a single malt with a sweetness that belies the rugged landscape and living conditions. Jura distillery, the island’s sole whisky distillery, is the producer.
No need to jet off to Italy to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. Montréal is home to numerous fine restaurants offering the best in pasta, pizza, and cannoli, including the four described here. Just call for a reservation!
Self-portrait by composer, director, and producer Clément Leduc, aka Hologramme.
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Design Louis George
As adept with a paintbrush as he is with clay, André Desjardins definitely has a golden touch, creating serene, dreamlike figures.
Built in the middle of the last century, this fully renovated property now boasts an additional floor and a spectacular skylight that floods it with daylight.
Poised to become a 21st-century landmark in one of Montréal’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, Broccolini’s latest residential project, le Sherbrooke, has been designed by Neuf Architect(e)s, with an interior design concept from Lemay + Escobar.
Spectacular skyscrapers are emerging on the horizon. Featuring distinctive, sometimes sculptural designs, along with meticulous architectural details and on-site services, these breathtaking buildings herald a futuristic urban landscape.
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Fairmont Tremblant
Singer-songwriter Richard Petit, like his famous brother, comic Martin Petit, is no stranger to the adrenalin rush that comes of performing before an audience. his credits include collaborating with the group Les Colocs and creating music for television productions. However, all this is in the past since he found his lodestar and began living his dream.
Montauk Sofa