Even as the world continues to grapple with the upheaval associated with Covid-19, the great gathering known as C2 Montréal found an inclusive, unifying way to celebrate its 10th anniversary.
Designed to discreetly work in harmony with the surrounding environment, the unconventional architecture of this home frames different views of the St. Lawrence river, inviting the residents to fully experience changes in the weather.
Nadia Maltais
Unexpected microcosms, the works of painter Craig Alan hide beneath their surface a depth that merits further exploration.
Gamma furniture collections stand out for their exceptional leathers and flexible design, and the world has taken notice. A discussion with Gabriele Ghetti, founder of the Gamma Arredamenti brand, which has become synonymous with made-in-Italy elegance.
The owners of this home have created an intimate setting to live and work while drawing on the relaxing power of the surrounding nature.
Glide over the snow. Move your body. Raise your heart rate. At the same time, gaze at nature, enjoy a picnic, and travel. Cross-country skiing enables you to do all this, and more. Whether practiced as a leisure activity or a sport, it is one of the most popular winter activities in Quebec.
Le Studio Luminaires
Condos Evolo NEX
Low, deep seating with plump cushions: it would seem that furniture designers are aiming for comfort and relaxation in the living room. Straight, clean lines characterize the majority of these designs, which are often modular, meaning they can be adapted to meet your every wish.
How does one describe the feeling of arriving in these beautiful mountains? Very simply, the views are stunning, the village is charming, and the runs are heaven for winter sports enthusiasts. An invitation to come discover this fabulous resort located about a two-hour drive from Vancouver.
When eaten raw, fish offers even more vitamins, protein, minerals and flavour! Although sashimi may appear very simple, preparing this japanese fine dining classic is actually a true culinary art. Here are four montréal restos that have mastered the art of raw fish.
Stöckli enables both amateur and professional skiers to reach new heights in the practice of their sport. A look back at the 86-year history of this celebrated Swiss manufacturer.
Guided by her nose, Ruby Brown has imagined a world where the senses reign, offering the very best in luxury perfume.
Design Louis George
Bui Opto