A visit to an elegant penthouse in the Sanctuaire du Mont-Royal complex. This home has a charming atmosphere and a stunning panoramic views of Montréal.
This country home overlooking lake Tremblant was redesigned to maximize comfort and provide its owners with a cosy, relaxed, luxurious getaway.
Mixte Experience
L’Essentiel par MF
A man of passions, Bradley Hart reconnected with art by choosing bubble wrap as his canvas. The career of an artist who is a product of his time.
Alexa Hampton reinvents classics by playing with colour. Meet an internationally acclaimed designer who takes inspiration from history.
Alpine touring or uphill skiing involves donning skis and boots with synthetic skins fitted underneath, to climb to the summit. Once there, fly down the slopes!
Driven by the pandemic, your favorite restaurants offer catering style menus that make you live a culinary experience in the comfort of your own home.
Majestic Filatures
In the shape of bubbles or corollas, sparkling with gold and pearls or made of smoked glass, the luminaires add a touch of creativity to your decor.
High fashion clothing for winter. Jewelry and design accessories.
He grew up in Montreal and started his career fifteen years ago. Last year, he was appointed general manager of Cosentino for Quebec and the Maritimes.
Rising out of the rocks, swept by ocean spray and the wind coming off the Atlantic, the Fogo Island Inn offers a unique experience.
GTL Paysagiste
By the age of 21 he was running a clothing company. A few years later, he founded his manufacturing company, including flagship brand Majestic Filatures.
Portrait of the prestigious Maison Hennessy, now working with the eighth generation of master blenders, determined to create the world’s finest cognacs.
Montauk Sofa