Beautys Luncheonette

How do you get to be an institution, especially in the ultra-competitive restaurant business? Hymie Sckolnick and his wife, Freda started Beautys Luncheonette in 1942, at the corner of Mont-Royal and Saint-Urbain, serving breakfast and lunch to a local working-class clientele. On one side of the medium-size restaurant are booths and tables; a long counter … Continue reading Beautys Luncheonette
Avenue Design

Passion makes perfect

A businessman decides to move his family to Town of Mount Royal and hires architect Michael Pitsas to build their new home. The encounter takes them further than either could have imagined. The European-born client had been told that he, his wife, and their two teenagers would find this central Montreal suburb a pleasant place … Continue reading Passion makes perfect

Mélissa Nepton

In just four years, Mélissa Nepton has become a symbol of success, with sales outlets across Canada, collaborations with big names in the business, and countless other projects about to be revealed. How did she get where she is ? Mélissa Nepton’s first fashion memories come from early childhood, when she watched her mother sewing … Continue reading Mélissa Nepton

Christofle, timeless quality

More than 150 years ago, the ingenuity and talent of jeweler, Charles Christofle opened the doors of some of the world’s most prestigious institutions. Today, his name still stands for quality, refinement, and innovative design. The world-renowned Christofle brand is the very essence of fine silverware. And the lasting success of this French company, which … Continue reading Christofle, timeless quality


Enchanting Menton, tucked between Monaco and the Italian border, is built on a hillside where the mountains meet the sea. Nicknamed “the pearl of France,” it glistens among the jewels of the French Riviera in the department of Alpes-Maritimes. On my very first visit in 1985, I immediately fell under the spell of this picturesque … Continue reading Menton


Luxury yachts. The very words evoke glorious dreams of carefree cruising in unparalleled comfort. Italians are master shipbuilders, and Riva is a prime example. Italy is a peninsula, its shores lapped by the Mediterranean and the Adriatic. It is the country where city-states like Venice and Genoa rose to power and prominence because of their … Continue reading Dreamboat