The personal trainer, an expert at your service

It was difficult for a journalist not to take note of the fire that animated Bruny Surin as an Olympic athlete. Even more difficult to imagine, this former medalist lying in a hammock. Bruny Surin has been fuelled by adrenaline his whole life. His profession is his passion! Bruny Surin remains deeply connected to sport … Continue reading The personal trainer, an expert at your service
Roche Bobois

The Ritz-Carlton, 100 Years of Excellence

The Ritz-Carlton was born in symbiosis with its time: an era of opulence. The spirit of its beginnings has bridged time, defining itself as a lifestyle for those who embrace quality, impeccable manners, and luxury. Since 1912, the “Grand Dame of Sherbrooke Street” has been witness to world personalities, from General de Gaulle to Winston … Continue reading The Ritz-Carlton, 100 Years of Excellence

Chic vie

HIM: Black wool and silk suit, Hugo Boss; white cotton shirt, Armani Colezzione; black silk tie, silk pocket square, HENRI VÉZINA. HER: Striped black and white silk dress, Malene Birger, BILLY BOUTIQUE; silver bracelet,HERMÈS. Leather colour-block dress, electric blue leather bag, and leather and white canvas shoes, HERMÈS; silver bracelets, Rosemary Hedges, OGILVY. Printed silk … Continue reading Chic vie

Smart ideas

Some ideas to remember when you decide to redo your kitchen … Highlight visually pleasing objects or those you love, utensils being a good example as they are sometimes difficult to store. Take note of doors and drawers with oak rails and glides, giving a sleek look while being very ergonomic. • Elle kitchen by … Continue reading Smart ideas