The personal trainer, an expert at your service

It was difficult for a journalist not to take note of the fire that animated Bruny Surin as an Olympic athlete. Even more difficult to imagine, this former medalist lying in a hammock. Bruny Surin has been fuelled by adrenaline his whole life. His profession is his passion! Bruny Surin remains deeply connected to sport … Continue reading The personal trainer, an expert at your service

The Ritz-Carlton, 100 Years of Excellence

The Ritz-Carlton was born in symbiosis with its time: an era of opulence. The spirit of its beginnings has bridged time, defining itself as a lifestyle for those who embrace quality, impeccable manners, and luxury. Since 1912, the “Grand Dame of Sherbrooke Street” has been witness to world personalities, from General de Gaulle to Winston … Continue reading The Ritz-Carlton, 100 Years of Excellence

Chic vie

HIM: Black wool and silk suit, Hugo Boss; white cotton shirt, Armani Colezzione; black silk tie, silk pocket square, HENRI VÉZINA. HER: Striped black and white silk dress, Malene Birger, BILLY BOUTIQUE; silver bracelet,HERMÈS. Leather colour-block dress, electric blue leather bag, and leather and white canvas shoes, HERMÈS; silver bracelets, Rosemary Hedges, OGILVY. Printed silk … Continue reading Chic vie

The pearl of Lake Geneva

Vevey is said to be one of the pearls of the Swiss Riviera. Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, about an hour from Geneva proper, this charming city offers wonderful discoveries. Enough to occupy serious minds and curious palates. One can’t help but be enthralled… Vevey was first frequented by high society during the … Continue reading The pearl of Lake Geneva

Smart ideas

Some ideas to remember when you decide to redo your kitchen … Highlight visually pleasing objects or those you love, utensils being a good example as they are sometimes difficult to store. Take note of doors and drawers with oak rails and glides, giving a sleek look while being very ergonomic. • Elle kitchen by … Continue reading Smart ideas