Sarah Pacini

Paris, je t’aime

On a recent trip to Champagne, I just had to stop in Paris. Again. I can never quite get enough of this city. Each time I visit, I feel as though I need just a few more days to walk the streets, in hopes of charting new territory. The architecture, the timeless landmarks, the restaurants, … Continue reading Paris, je t’aime

Hotel Le St-James

“There all is order and beauty/Luxury, peace and pleasure” wrote Baudelaire, in his poem Invitation to the Voyage. He could easil y have been talking about the Hotel Le St-James. Since 2002, celebrities and us mere mortals have made this Old Montreal hotel their favourite place to spend a night or more. The building itself … Continue reading Hotel Le St-James


The moment she steps off the helicopter, travel architect Marie-Hélène Jacques of Groupe Voyages VP, is blown away by the craggy coastline, saturated blue sky and, most of all, the smell: a delicate perfume of flowers mingles with the sea-breeze blowing off the Mediterranean. Welcome to Monaco, the capital of all that is gorgeous and … Continue reading Monaco

Columbus Isle

Think of a desert island. White sand, turquoise water and blue, blue sky. A blissful haven with multiple options for being active or just kicking back. What I love about Columbus Isle is its proximity to Montreal—a three-hour flight and you’re there! The resort is just a few minutes by car from the airport, so … Continue reading Columbus Isle
Design Louis George


A choice of accommodations and activities rarely seen at a sun destination! Casa de Campo is a self-contained community, extending over more than 7,000 acres that are yours to explore on foot, by car or by golf cart. Among its many treasures are a marina, beautiful boutiques and even a movie theatre. This elite resort … Continue reading CASA DEL COMPO


On a recent trip to Brussels, I stayed at the Amigo Hotel, located in the heart of the historic part of the city. The moment I arrived, I was smitten with the warm welcome, and was delighted to find myself just steps away from museums, Christmas markets, and one of the most famous squares in … Continue reading Amigo

Amangiri, Resort and Spa

Amangari means “peaceful mountain” – a most appropriate name for this majestic resort. Built on one of the most remarkable sites in the United States, it celebrates the heritage and magic of the stunning rock formations of southern Utah. Amangiri resort extends over more than 600 acres in the American Southwest, near the Utah-Arizona border. … Continue reading Amangiri, Resort and Spa


farniente! Sun, white sand, and fine food. Nizuc Resort and Spa opened in March 2013 and is a newcomer among luxury destinations. It may not be well known in Quebec just yet, but a surge in popularity in the near future is no doubt guaranteed. Once a retreat for Mexican business leaders and government dignitaries, … Continue reading farniente!