Design Evolution

This design, from the Classic collection by SieMatic, evokes a gorgeous culinary lab. Minimalist yet classic, it marries ergonomic elegance with timeless design. Its proportions, spaces and materials give it a look of streamlined luxury, while the Chinese-influenced pantry design adds a touch of the exotic. CLASSIC from SIEMATIC, Siematic.com Open to the rest of … Continue reading Design Evolution

All about glass

This project is the recipient of the Grand Prix du Design, 2017 for a residential space under 1,600 sq. ft. It started with wood, then came concrete, and now it’s all about glass. The most recent Maison & Objet international trade fair in Paris has confirmed this direction. Simplicity, restraint and elegance reign supreme, while … Continue reading All about glass

Another innovation from Céragrès

When it comes to ceramics, Céragrès is first of mind. And if you’re looking for high-end plumbing fixtures, Montréal-Les-Bains is equally positioned. Now, the two have become one. A few months ago, the former acquired the latter, giving rise to a brand new one-stop-shop called Céragrès-Les-Bains! The first store has opened in Brossard’s Quartier Dix30, … Continue reading Another innovation from Céragrès


This house, whose name refers to the brightest star in the Aquila constellation, is located in Cap-à-l’Aigle, in Quebec’s Charlevoix region. Altaïr means “The Flying Eagle,” which is fitting for a house whose “V” shape and long facades literally suspend over nature. While discrete from the street and closed to the north, it unfolds toward … Continue reading RÉSIDENCE ALTAÏR

Ultimate entertainment

Who says it can’t be high-tech and drop-dead gorgeous? These fabulous devices are most certainly both, and will transport you with the purity of their sound and picture. kebecson.com Ultimate entertainment – e-mag

View from the Top

Nouvellement installée à Montréal, une jeune citoyenne du monde cherchait un pied-à-terre qui siérait à ses inspirations et aspirations. C’est dans les hauteurs qu’elle le découvrit par un joli coup du destin. After arriving in Montréal, a young globetrotter wanted a pied à terre that would live up to her inspirations and aspirations. One day, … Continue reading View from the Top

Let there be light!

Hanging, fixed, for floor or table, lighting can make all the difference in setting the ambiance. Today’s designer lamps and fixtures are luminous gems, adding a unique sculptural touch while creating the perfect mood. And they become cozy companions during long winter nights. We train our spotlight on a few outstanding models. Let there be … Continue reading Let there be light!

One with nature

We are in the Laurentians, at the country home of Claude Marcotte, a partner at Carbonleo, and his wife, Josée Dufresne, co-founder of LaBoum. The house is a hive of activity, with our homeowner’s four children also in residence. Not to mention all the friends who are yet to arrive! “This place was made for … Continue reading One with nature


The road to beauty can be mysterious. Is there a secret to creating a harmonious interior? One thing is certain: the creative process is complex and unpredictable, and every case is unique. Sometimes, an inspiring encounter is all it takes for the pieces to fall into place. The owner of a brand-new penthouse in a … Continue reading Encounter