Looking to reinvent your vacation? Some options include taking a private jet, renting a private luxury villa, or handing your house keys to an expert who will pamper you as if you were staying in a luxury hotel.
A man of passions, Bradley Hart reconnected with art by choosing bubble wrap as his canvas. The career of an artist who is a product of his time.
CV Concept
Rising out of the rocks, swept by ocean spray and the wind coming off the Atlantic, the Fogo Island Inn offers a unique experience.
By the age of 21 he was running a clothing company. A few years later, he founded his manufacturing company, including flagship brand Majestic Filatures.
Faith XLVII blended street art and nature to populate our cities with fantastic wildlife. She imposed a vision that is based on the essentials.
Discover the Eastern Townships, its hotels, vineyards, upscale grocery and gourmet cheese shops in an enchanting setting. A paradise for cyclists and hikers.
M2 Boutiques
Yannick Nézet-Séguin is driven by two great passions: music and tennis. Inspiring portrait of a fulfilled man who continues to make his dreams come true.
The Luisa Cerano brand stands out with its collections comprising timeless pieces. The style is fresh, feminine, focused on quality and comfort.
Portrait of a true builder. Jean Houde knows how to meet client expectations for custom homes with patience and integrity.
The Italian brand Minotti has based its reputation of expertise on producing furniture that fulfils contemporary needs.
Design Lambert
Bui Opto
Opt for a home based on volumes, concept, view or attractions. Overview of the most beautiful condos in the metropolitan region.
An area long occupied by workshops and factories, the Mile-Ex covers a handful of streets. Carried by the hipster current, the district comes back to life.
CV Concept
Galerie Beauchamp