Angel’s Envy is much more than a bourbon brand; it embodies passion, innovation, and a deep commitment to quality.
The image of a rising sun, bringing a new day filled with hope, joy, and optimism is, in some ways, an apt symbol of Veuve Clicquot, the “grande dame of Champagne,” with its signature yellow colour.
Bui Opto
Many people use the expression bucket list to refer to adventures or accomplishments they would like to experience personally. For some, bungee jumping or skydiving would be at the top of the list, while for others, it might be an African safari. In the case of Dr. François Marquis, the renowned head of intensive care at Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital, one of his many ambitions is to produce a single malt whisky that can compete with the best Scotch whiskies. It may sound crazy, but his wish is on its way to becoming a reality.
Jura: for many people, the name brings to mind a department in France or a mountain range along the French-Swiss border. However, for whisky aficionados, it evokes the image of a mysterious, untamed island off the coast of Scotland, the source of a single malt with a sweetness that belies the rugged landscape and living conditions. Jura distillery, the island’s sole whisky distillery, is the producer.
No question about it, 2020 was the year everyone embraced virtual meetings and the Mixte team was no exception. On the chilly morning of December 31, we had the pleasure of interviewing Mylène Poisson and Carl Villeneuve Lepage, sommeliers for the restaurants Maison Boulud and Toqué, respectively. What better way to wrap up the year?
What a wonderful surprise to discover, right here at home, a world-class automotive experience like Automobiles Etcetera! If you visit, General Manager Andrew Meyer can take you on a guided tour that will inspire your imagination.
Maison 4110
The first Nikka distillery of Japanese whiskey is located in the north of the country where the weather conditions are similar to the climate of Scotland
Louis Lemay has holistic view of the world around him and a passion for nature, which he considers the most perfect creation, and which inspires him.
Beau Lake watercraft feature sleek lines that recall a time before the assembly line, a time when things were made to last and blend into the environment.
Discover the fascinating history behind Moët & Chandon’s iconic 150-year-old brut champagne, Moët Impérial.
Majestic Filatures
Thanks to the passion of Founder and President Guy Gervais, Céragrès has been a reference in tiles, countertops and high-end plumbing for nearly 30 years.
Original title: Devimco - Building the future | Thanks to founder Serge Goulet, and his drive for innovation and quality, Devimco is now one of the largest residential and commercial developers in Quebec.
Tres Chic