Niso Maman, Sculptor

Internationally renowned artist Niso Maman does not take a classical approach to his sculptures. Rather, his inspired reinterpretation of the body is based on exceptional skill, achieving sensually curved torsos precisely twisted into place with small rounded recycled metal pieces, coins, nails, keys, or pieces of stone.

Sculptures made from accumulated objects were popularized by Arman in the 1960s and ‘70s. In the work of Niso Maman, we witness its reemergence, here made unique by his surprising dimension and remarkable fluidity. The objects function poetically, but their unique nature does not conflict with the subject matter, the accumulation of pieces acting as grounding for the three-dimensionality of the ronde-bosse.

Thus the heads of hundreds of nails or screws suggest elegantly sinuous curves of the body, with respect and precision for the figurative, all while situating the piece as undeniably contemporary. His sculptures often feature bright colours adding to their playful character. Niso Maman was born in Israel in 1957. After studying art at the University of Haifa with peers from all religions and cultures, he left his troubled homeland to travel to Europe, where he experimented with new techniques, including ceramic mosaic.

In the early ‘80s, Maman opened a studio in Florida, while acting as director of one of the few art foundries in the region. In 1990, Maman became a professor specializing in the use of marble and onyx, materials which, like bronze and metal, he particularly favours. His career in this period witnessed dynamic growth, and he participated in numerous art shows and exhibits across the United States, Canada, France, and Australia.

The impeccable technique of this great sculptor and his creative appeal has lead to the commission of monumental works. His work spans several styles, from colourful geometric abstraction, to cut sheet-metal symbolizing the movement of people.

Hundreds of Maman’s works can be found in parks, hotels, private collections, yachts etc. including: The Fallen Soldier (Palm Beach County Commission for Chiles Veterans Park), The Embrace (Hilton Hotel, Staten Island), Children on a Swing (Great Neck, New York), Geometric Series and Spirals (Sheraton Hotel, Atlanta)

Maman insists on the democratization of art in public spaces. He hopes to inspire and touch all lovers of abstract art, as well as traditionalists, young and old.

Maman has also produced works of smaller dimension which may be found in galleries around the world, including in Montreal, where you can admire his sculptures at Galerie MX, 333 Viger St.


By: Jasmine Nadeau

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