Art without Boundaries

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The best ideas originate in the mind of insightful visionaries. The new stand’ART concept from deiNERI is one such simple, and brill iant idea, creating a bridge between art and design, between interior and exterior.

Biologists by training, Marie-Claude Marchand and Nancy Lahaie are well-matched. Even as they both moved far from their original vocation to start consulting businesses, their destinies unfolded in parallel, until fate reunited them in a chance meeting in the Via dei Neri, Florence, an unlikely event which inspired the name of their new shared adventure.

Initially, either individually or together, several commissions were executed. It was via research into art distribution channels for a friend, Michael Solovyev, that a missing link between art and the new market realities of home design was identified.

These driven entrepreneurs observed that outdoor living spaces had evolved to incorporate kitchen, dining room and living room spaces. What remained absent, however, was an artistic element that served to complete the integration and personality of the space. They also discovered that the lack of partitions and large windowed walls, characteristic of modern spaces, represented a real challenge for pictorial art aficionados.

To resolve this, these two scientific minds created the stand’ART deiNERI concept, which displays paintings, illustrations, photographs or street art on a pre-designed, standing tableaux. The piece is totally unconstrained as to installation location, and is easily movable into optimal light, according to season, time of day, indoor or outdoor.

The stand’ART deiNERI employs high quality construction materials. Simply determine the primary placement environment (interior or exterior), select from their archive the work of art you wish to mount, and confirm the size of the stand’ART from among three formats. deiNERI also offers the option of custom creations. The collection marries the passion and elegance of the work of emerging and renowned artists, selected as much for the quality and originalityof artistic expression as for the personality statement they evoke. deiNERI is also working with artistic production agency LNDMRK in the development of a street art catalogue. deiNERI desires to be a source of inspiration and creation accessible to all. Applying the studied placement of colour, art and movement at the centre of every project, deiNERI makes it possible to imagine the most beautiful living spaces.


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